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View all 13 photos Red Mite – Trombidiidae Resource: By Shahan [ CC -BY-2.0 ()], via Wikimedia Commons The crimson mite is an arachnid that belongs to the family Trombidiidae. You will find tens of thousands of distinct variety of those velvet insectse variety Trombidium grandissimum is belonged to by the giant crimson velvet mite. We shall shortly take a look at what termites then proceed for the red mite that is exciting and are. The holosericeum is another well-known species in the Palearctic ecozone which will be the largest of the Eco-zones splitting the area that is earths. Trombidium grandissimum have been seen extensively while in the upper areas of India and is situated in dried lands and deserts. View all 13 photographs Selection of the region Source: Note: Palearctic Eco-zone may be the largest Eco-zone comprises and of the terrestrial Green-parts of Europe the Main and Northern parts of the Arabian Peninsula along with Northern Africa. See all 13 photographs Red velvet mite (or “crimson velvet mite”, Dinothrombium sp., family Trombidiidae) looks like a dense, but-its major feed may be the bug. The begin lives underground untill, if they appear in large numbers Supplier: Ton Rulkens [ CC -BY-SA-2.0 ()] The velvet insects within wasteland places that are remote belong to the Dinothrombium that is genus and the ones within natural soils fit in with the Thrombium that is genus. It’s fascinating how I made a decision to compose a hub on the crimson velvet mite. I have neither viewed one or learned about this mite till I found a post of the mite from of my fans.

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I checked out the picture on my cell (not really a big-picture, not macro chance) and asked if it was a crab, because the approach its feet were arranged, resembled a crab. I got a reply to mention that it was some type of index that has been present in their community in Northern India or a pest. At this time, I searched for this on the web and got too inquisitive. I appeared for “crimson velvet spider” and instantly got the results. It had been a velvet mite that is crimson. I located it intriguing and presented an instant read and thought that I’ll reveal it below on Hubpages. This red velvet mite might be new data for you, or you could have come across these or known about these.

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What’re mites? Termites are small arthropods that fit in with the subclass Acari and Arachnida. The analysis of pests is called acarology. They are invertebrates (creatures lacking a backbone) and range between tiny dimension to about 0.5 cm. There are over 45, 000 to 48,000 species of mites which are identified. Some are parasites and a few are predators. Some prey on fungi, flowers and natural debris. Insects that live in dirt can be found up to and including level of 33 feet.

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Termites within water can endure to warm at 50-degree Celsius in cold that is cold. They are likewise present in desert sands. Click thumbnail to look at fullsize See all 13 images Velvet Insects, from Munsiyari, the Central Himalayas, Asia Source: By L. Shyamal (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 () or CC-BY-SA-3 View all 13 photographs Available within the Runcorn region, on decaying records Resource: By Ferry Lane House Fauna (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (. See all 13 photographs A Red Mite Source: By Ferry Lane Property Fauna [GFDL () or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://h View all 13 images Mite in Kirchwerder, Hamburg Source: By Aiwok (Own work) [GFDL () or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (http:/ Medical Class (Taxonomy) for your velvet mite: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Subphylum: Chelicerata Category: Arachnida Subclass: Acari Order: Trombidiformes Superfamily: Trombidioidea Family: Trombidiidae Genus: Trombidium Conditions defined: Calyptostatic – A morphologically regressive state-of the pre-larva; a featureless sac without mouthparts or legs Ectoparasites – Any parasitic organism that is additional Hosts – An animal helps and that feeds a parasite Spermatophore – A tablet or wallet inclosing quite a few spermatozoa Haemolymph – substance of bugs. Haemolymph includes amino acids water, carbs, salts, and bright tissues like those of white body Chelicerae – set of fang- like appendages close to an arachnid’s mouth revised for piercing and holding See all 13 images A crab spider (feminine Thomisus onustus) expressing its flower with velvet mites Resource: By Alvesgaspar (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 () or GFDL (htt Atmosphere of the velvet mite: In India, these mites are located in dry regions. These termites will also be present in forest dirt and woods, kitten, humus, moss and also terrestrial habitats like normal soils and exotic desert regions. They remain underneath the dirt emerge of the earth just after having a rain and the majority of the year. They devote only a few hours beyond your dirt every year and during this period they look for companion and food.

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They’re also discovered broadly in a variety of different habitats including deserts etc They appear to be small velvet cushions crawling everywhere as well as in the palearctic sector. Food of the red velvet mite: The mites are predators and so they prey on different invertebrates like little arthropods as well as their eggs, for instance termites. The adult velvet pests try to find food and feed on them for only some hours every year. Depending the species, the total amount of food they consume every day ranges on. Like like 20 beetle eggs, 36 immature mites. Some species of nymph and some people eat 49 to 54 prey per day and 85 prey per-day, respectively. Characteristics and behaviour of velvet mites that are red: 2 cm long, that is enormous compared to other termites is grown around 1.5 cm around by these mites. Including the large Indian red velvet mite (Trombidium grandissimum). You can find so many different velvet insects located throughout the planet and they come under the household Thrombidiidae plus they develop to various dimensions.

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The adult insects are not dull red colour and their body includes a velvety level that has wonderful reddish shade locks which occasionally become feelers. They have two little eyes, however they sense their victim through vibrations. They utilize where they’re proceeding their top pair of feet to feeling. See all 13 photos Red velevet mite – You can see clearly the way the thighs are fixed Source: The adults have 4 frames of legs as the larvae have just 3 frames of legs. The four frames of thighs in a adult are fixed in a pattern that was rare. Two feet each in four spots of the underside of your body (View photograph for the righthand area) They do not have distinct body segments just like the different arthropods, but just one body segment. The crimson velvet insects have chelicerae that they employ to draw on food out of their host and for serving. These pests are energetic through the day particularly when there’s sun and conceal underneath the soil. They hibernate during winter.

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No predators eat them, since they taste hardly good, however they do possess a few adversaries. The insects that are person sometimes are possibly parasitized by larvae and sometimes eat one another. They secrete anti-fungal their haemolymph as well as oil also includes antifungal properties. They are safe to humans Duplication in red mite: The mating in velvet insects is an intriguing one in the kind of a party. The male remains spermatophore on turf blades or sticks and encourages the feminine by creating an intricately woven cotton path though mating. If this is found by another player male, he’ll breakopen the spermatophore and fall his own. The spermatophore will be, sat on by the female if pleased using the guy and it gets fertilised.

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The development of the velvet mite contains the next ways. While in the methods below The pre-larvae stay tritonymphs and near to the region where they hatched From Your larvae Protonymphs are calyptostatic, The deutonymphs are free predators that are living. Larva of crimson velvet mite on hostsClick thumbnail to see full-size See all 13 pictures Larval velvet mite on number Source: See all 13 images Velvet mite on sponsor best uk essay writing services Source: See all 13 photographs Larva of mite that is crimson on variety Source: Egg – the woman within the earth or humus lays The eggs. Variety is depended on by eggs laid’s number. The feminine lays as many as 60 eggs 000 eggs based on the variety plus they are set involving the weeks of September and March. Some variety lay eggs through the Fall period. Pre-larva – The eggs hatch following two or a month with regards to the environment’s problems. The larvae appear from the eggs and stay there for just one day-to day or two from wherever they hatched depending on the variety. This can be pre- stage Larva – They then spread.

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The larvae stay as organisms on bugs like crickets grasshoppers, locusts, aphids, beetles and on arachnids and are ecto parasites. The larva has only six feet. This level that is parasitic remains for a week. Huge red velvet mites Note: The inserts begins sucking around the haemolymph in the insect through the wound and its chelicerae in to the exoskeleton of the host. The sponsor could walk and fly. The larvae fly along with the sponsor or shift and drop off in new areas and transfer to the soil. The parasitism does not killall the hosts; nevertheless it’s an impact on the reproductive insurance and survival, health costs.

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The host’s fitness also depends upon parasites on each host’s number. Protonymph – within this point the protonymphs are calyptostatic and acquire within the cuticle of the larvae. They sit inactive. Deutonymph – with this phase the deutonymphs appear out from the cuticle, sometimes in Fall or summer time. They have eight legs and they’re predators that are active. The design at first glance of the dirt for food and in flowers. Many aphids aday can be consumed by some species. Tritonymph – this occurs inside the soil and Calyptostatic tritonymphs build within the cuticles of the deutonymphs. At this stage, they’re dormant again.

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Adult males or girls – the last stage could be the adult point. Adults be effective just following a heavy rainfall and appear within the fall year. Notices: Any nymphs that appear delayed in fall or summer, can don’t mature to adults that same year, thus they will finish their lifecycle the next year or. Each point while in the life cycle depends upon components like temperature, relative moisture, quality and volume of food. The full time for advancement likewise ranges between species that is diverse. Exciting details about the crimson velvet pests: Male and female proportions change between species. Girls and the men execute a party and “pair-party signalling threads” are placed. One can parasitiss a number to several larvae.

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For example, 40 larvae could be hosted by a housefly that is single plus there was a grasshopper claimed to possess hosted 175 larvae. Some variety of larvae have dental rings that encircle the injury as well as give anchorage for the hosts and a few other species are known to have tubes. Crimson velvet mites Their hosts can be killed by some species’ larvae in several days They employ their front (first) couple of thighs as feelers. These insects do not endure in captivity. I have witnessed many reviews from people in blogs, who state a night, that these pests didn’t possibly endure. They are present in many areas of the world from tropical parts like South India and sub saharan spot to cold places like Europe and Scotland The crimson color of the mite is just an alert to predators to share with them which they do not taste good, or that they’re damaging. They’ve not many predators.

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Uses of red velvet mite: I have stated the uses while going right through information about this mite, I ran across. I’m by no means assisting the thought of applying these mites in medicines The extract in the velvet mite has been used for other western countries for many years and medical reasons in Asia. They’ve been known to heal. They’re also regarded as used as aphrodisiacs The acrylic is known to boost the immune response. Velvet Mites – Phylum – Arthropoda; Class – Arachnida; Family – Trombidiidae Since they feast upon invertebrates as well as their eggs which might be insects, they are superior brokers for neurological control and help to maintain a in the soil therefore supporting the ecosystem. Also through the larva point, they are hosts on bugs that are normally insects for plants etc, and therefore they again play a vital purpose in organic control. They are known best for pest control while they feed on insects like spider pests cabbage moth and also arthropods that would otherwise eat fungi and the microorganisms. Hence they aid in earth with all the upsurge in the rate of decomposition.

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Note: even as we notice, these mites play an essential part while in the ecosystem and with them for other purposes as well as drugs and harming these insects will simply destruct the ecosystem. By conserving these insects, we are able to all give rise to the environment. So that you can achieve this, getting goods sold available in the market which have materials from these mites should be stopped by us. We can also distribute the term about these insects to others, relatives yet pals and tension the importance of the insects for the ecosystem, that’ll subsequently assist saving these pests from being killed for therapeutic applications. Distinct brands for that Giant Indian crimson velvet mite (Trombidium grandissimum): This big red mite is endemic to the subcontinent and it is generally found in the Northern regions of India. They’re noticed during the season that was early. They have their English interpretation as well as various names is listed below: View all 13 pictures Red Velvet insects on Convolvulus arvensis rose Origin: By Alvesgaspar (Own work) [GFDL (), CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativ Rains pest Scarlet travel Female travel Double Mite Rainfall Insects Woman of the ocean-farer Velvet woman Little old woman of monsoon There is also various labels in other parts of the planet King of pests Small angels (angelitos in Spanish) I am hoping you liked scanning this hub as much as I appreciated composing and exploring this link. I would want to notice from you. In case you have noticed this mite and also have encounters to share with you, please do in the comments area below.

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If you amended or also genuinely believe that any information may be included, please do not wait to feedback. Thanks for studying. Livingsta Guides Agricultural Acarology: Release to Integral Mite Management Buy Now Red velvet mite cards Fresh snapon Melbishop Skin Address Appropriate For Iphone 4/4s- Dog Velvet Mite Buy You’ll be able to assist by rating this short article up or along supreme quality information is highlighted by the HubPages neighborhood. Useful3 – Funny – Awesome4 – Beautiful – Interesting6 Proposed Locations Follow (5)Reviews 21 comments livingsta20 months ago from United Kingdom Centre Writer Hello Sadia, I am delighted that this brought your thoughts and that laugh pleasure that is +. I can imagine that which you claim. Many thanks for stopping by and expressing your activities. Wish you have a weekend that is good!:-) snap here for information All the best together with your dissertation! sadia20 weeks ago Hi.

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I realy feel while reading all of this not unhappycause from my childhood I really like to gather them. After I was 8-year old after water I really like to collect them, i remember. i feel their softness their colour its beautifull. And that I. And that I want to utilize these termites in my own thises. From Uk Hub Writer Hello CrisSp, thankyou for visiting. I completely understand what you feel. I actually don’t blame you:-) I am pleased that you just thankyou so much and found this beneficial and informative.

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Have a wonderful week ahead! CrisSp2 years ago from Sky May Be The Control Voyage Level5 Commenter Sorry, I did son’t enjoy that one! It made me out infact!:) I am squeamish on anything that crawls. It is just me. I remember researching these species in senior high school and that I was scared look inside the container at them and even to touch them. However, you have accomplished an writing academic excellent work in your display here. They said, a great writer must not be unable to enable their articles are felt by their viewers and also you absolutely did. I finished studying it in order to find it very helpful and beneficial. My girl whois currently functioning/studying on something such as this for her school report is study for by ideal.

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Passing it cheers. Livingsta2 years ago from Uk Centre Writer Hello peramore20, thank you for studying. I am satisfied that you simply found this appealing. Have a goodday:-) Peramore202 years back from PA, Turtle Creek Extremely exciting centre, along with the images are very wonderful also. For supporting me thanks discover anything new! From Uk Hub Writer Hi Jools99, many thanks for examining. Because of the means their legs are fixed yes they do appear to be small crabs. Yes used to do study a lot, but in the same period it was therefore fascinating to see about something which I witnessed or have not known before. Thanks for the appreciation and I am delighted that you identified this article interesting.

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Possess a great remaining week! Livingsta2 years back from Great Britain Hub Writer Hello Michelle, thank-you for readingt confident, although they may be noticed in woody locations that were succulent. Yes they are rather little critters. I am not sad that you just found this fascinating. Possess a good remaining portion of the week! Jools992 years back from North East UK Quite appealing link Livingsta; I somewhat such as the glance of them but I could see why you thought they were crabs when they were first seen by you – they do like small small crabs do not they? You’ll want completed a lot of investigation as well as your pictures are outstanding- wonderful article. midget382 years back from Singapore Level-2 Commenter I really don’t feel we’ll discover these in Singapore….but wow is fascinating.

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Well documented, Livingsta. From she has a good point United Kingdom Link Creator Hi Prasetio, thankyou. I am pleased that you simply observed this centre interesting. Many thanks for your ballots. Possess a good day. Livingsta2 years back from United Kingdom Heart Author Hello Nell, thanks for examining. I am thankful which you found this intriguing. Many thanks for the votes and share. a good time have Prasetio302 years back from malang – Stage 3 Commenter Extremely exciting hub.

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Before scanning this centre, I’d never found out. I discover a lot of things below. Cheers for sharing and creating around. Good pictures as well. Voted up and helpful:-) Prasetio Nell Rose2 years back from Britain Degree 7 Commenter What a fantastic post, so fascinating, I’d never heard about them elected up and provided, nell From Great Britain Hub Creator Hello Deborah, many thanks for examining. Yes lions may freak me also. I observed a video in a different vocabulary where the kids had them in their hand, using them. Thanks for discussing. Possess a fantastic time:-) Deborah Brooks2 years back from Brownsville, TX Wow this can be very interesting.

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Spiders actually looked like by them I don’t like spiders. Hi hubat is wonderful This is being shared by me N From United Kingdom Link Creator Hi kidscrafts, thank you so much on your service. Yes these children are amazing and not certainly ugly. I also find this string within the environment quite exciting, while you state. Oh, you need to check into those small red spiders, looks exciting:-) Thanks for your ballots and admiration. Youngsters do understand much more through artwork, since they observe and practice, while you declare. Thank you again. Possess a good week! Kidscrafts2 years ago from Canada Just what an intriguing world it is those animals that are tiny that are tiny!

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What a magnificient image at the t0p of your article! I learned sciences to be a technology educator in Belgium (*); I get the dependence between species constantly appealing! Often, I can discover little lions that are red outside through the summer time; I will seek advice from a magnifying glass if they’re some sort of mites! Thank you for revealing all this! Well done! Elected up, appealing and amazing! (*) Obviously, I altered field on the way although not completely since I love to make use of art to teach sciences; I realize that kids study a lot more through craft. Livingsta2 years back from Great Britain Hub Author Hi Sarifearnbd, thanks. I am not displeased to hear that this was not useless for you.

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Stucco Request Cement plaster has been for more than 150 years doing use. However BC once the Egyptians employed mortars on houses is gone to by the history of stucco. Stucco was utilized on a number of mans oldest and many more popular buildings Aqueducts in the Colosseum Rome, as well as the Community. Calcium stucco has been trusted by Europeans. In 1824 cement was created, however it wasnt before the 1860s that the modern-era changed for cements. Many Washington DC landmarks that were essential are designed with stucco since the external cladding. Lloyd Wright used smooth finish Portland stucco end on lots of his prairie. Stucco can be a really suffering veneer finish, yet there are numerous water intrusion difficulties with this sort of exterior cladding. Stucco might be thought of as a thin tangible skin put on the building.

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Fundamentally, stucco is basically cement, blend, and water. Chemicals can be utilized to assist allow it to be stronger plastic support the combination together, or manage the environment period. Stucco in essence can be an outdoor plaster. Gypsums is used by plasters that are indoor while the primary binders, this aspect is unsuitable for outside use. Used calcium is mixed by stucco as the key binder. Contemporary stuccos may have calcium along with a Portland cement. a plasticizer is acted being by the calcium.

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Classic stuccos are called cement stucco if they’re more than 50 percent Portland cement by size. Portland cement plaster can be a combination of mud Portland cement, and water. Stucco is actually a very tough cladding, with great water-resistant characteristics that may provide a lengthy financial existence and appearance, if installed precisely. Water is kept by proper request out of surfaces. Every issue that was major can be tracked to request mistakes. Stucco could be applied over various supplies. The sooner stuccos were installed specifically over wood underlayments that were diagonal. In a manner similar to troweling plaster strips.

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Later versions include stucco over metal lathe. Stucco might be utilized specifically over masonry floors. Earlier mixes utilized bigger aggregates, that may frequently be viewed breaking, breaking, and pulling off wood-frame buildings in big portions. Water can get through cracks, increases the wood, “kicks” the stucco off. Stucco programs over wire meshes continues an extended period, but often great can declare water and allows the wire-mesh to rust and corrosion the stucco can fall off. were here were peers Mesh seems to be endurance content that is high. Stucco over masonry can execute grad school essay writing service perfectly. Often cracking can occur through the stucco, however not masonry surface behind.

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These fractures ought to be quickly closed to avoid the moisture from entering and driving the stucco to fall-off. It’s extremely important that stucco over framework and lathe has a strain jet behind substrate and the cement plaster and blows the humidity downandout through a leak hole or weep screed in the bottom of the wall construction. Minimum stucco depth over timber support is 7 8″ with three clothes. Conventional or conventional stucco is called three stucco because it includes a 3/8″ damage coat, an additional 3/ 8″ a finish coat of 1/8, as well as coat “. All three applications are mixed with Portland concrete, mud. Minimum depth over block should really be ” with two cover method. It’s not only stucco breadth that could be a concern, the need of handle joints, the appropriate lapping of paper and lathe could cause great.

Try and preserve it aesthetically appealing and simple-yet creative.

Break = water transmission. What’s the satisfactory standard for stucco cracking? Some professionals state 1/32″ must be fixed. (Concerning The width of a dollar). The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) Residential Construction Performance Tips stipulates that 1/8″ or bigger must be fixed. a discharge program based on the timber framework of the property upon some form of building document is started having by conventional stucco. Building rules change with regards to layers’ number and sort of house or building paper gadgets. The paper can there be to drain-water, so that it must be cautiously linked into flashings around all windows and gates. Material blinking systems will also be fitted to protect any penetrations, and to change ceiling water far from the technique.

The were nonetheless in the retailer, although he’d his pens and pens.

The paper and flashings need to overlap eachother you might say that creates a shingle result. Over the forms a netting is attached for the wall with basics. The purpose of the netting and lathe is always to hold the concrete base. Next comes stucco finish’s layers. Since the stucco is composed mainly of cement and sand it is designed to reject rainfall but will eventually become soaked and seep through the sheets. The 7/8″ 1″ of cementious material is designed to frequently strain through a metal flange called a leak screed with all the support of academic essay writing uk seriousness out of the system’s underside. These products offer key water management and will be the first the different parts of the aircraft that is drainage. Due to saturation an easy method of extra water management is required and is essential for a stucco technique to work. If it rains extended enough water reaches the back facet of the bottom coat and it is flashings and ultimately directed by effectively installed building reports far from the lumber framework of the home.

There was a va historian to force a change in that belief.

Water-management that is secondary is provided for by these resources, however are equally critical components of the discharge plane. They are important since they are what fundamentally defends the building or home envelope. Without these components, water create problems for decay and shape development and can achieve the wood framing people. Trauger is a Building Expert that performs property problem tests for residential houses. Knowledge techniques a skilled and educated problem solver and troubles related to their systems as well as building buildings. An expert experience, teacher, and mentor. In obtaining potential email newsletters to review qualifications Experts Biography, and interest For more information about how your property tax review is not unprepared and the way to appeal your property taxes. Property Tax Reduction Information Related Posts – stucco program, stucco, stucco history veneer, Email This Short Article to your Friend! Get Posts like your e-mail package is directed to by this one! Register at no cost today!

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Il chirurgo plastico Gasparotti: “I grandi rischi del low Cost”

Il parere del “padre” della liposuzione sulla fine di Rossella Daga, la cagliaritana morta dopo un intervento di chirurgia estetica.

Il professor Marco Gasparotti è il “padre” della liposuzione, uno degli interventi estetici maggiormente richiesti dalle donne. Il chirurgo analizza le controindicazioni dell’intervento a cui si è sottoposta Rossella Daga, la cagliaritana 39enne morta il giorno dopo il “ritocco” letale. “Non bisogna dimenticare che prima della parola estetica c’è sempre la parola chirurgia. La liposuzione è un vero e proprio intervento e come tale deve essere affrontato”, dice Gasparotti.

Sicurezza e chirurgia plastica: quanto può avere influito il fatto che la donna si sia fatta operare in uno studio medico privato e non in un ospedale pubblico?

“Ha inciso al 100 per cento. La chirurgia estetica si fa o in cliniche private dotate di terapia intensiva o subintensiva o negli ospedali che hanno il reparto di rianimazione. La sicurezza è alla base di ogni intervento. Oggi c’è la mania di farsi operare in anestesia locale in ambulatori low cost. Ma proprio l’eccesso di anestesia locale, non controllata da anestesisti esperti, potrebbe essere fatale”.

Cosa consiglia?

“Diffidare di chi propone interventi a basso prezzo. Una liposuzione che si effettua in strutture qualificate oscilla tra i 6mila e i 10mila euro. Non di meno”.

Quali accorgimenti deve prendere una paziente?

“Prima di fare una liposuzione, deve effettuare un esame di doppler venoso per rilevare se presenta un’insufficienza venosa, che può incidere sull’insorgenza di trombosi ed embolia. Il giorno dopo, il medico deve far indossare alla signora delle calze elastiche antitrombo. Inoltre, i liquidi persi in fase operatoria dovranno essere integrati con flebo”.

Esclude la concausa tra l’intervento e la morte della donna?

“Non sta a me fare un processo sull’accaduto: sarà l’autopsia a fare chiarezza. Ci potrebbe essere una concausa se una donna è morta subito dopo essersi sottoposta a un intervento chirurgico”.

Roberta Floris

Martedì 01 aprile 2014 11:58

Nuovo codice medici, Aicpe: «Bene il richiamo al buonsenso nel campo estetico. Ma nel documento non si parla di chirurgia plastica»

«In merito alla nuova proposta, ancora non codice ufficiale,sulla realizzazione di una nuovo Codice deontologico dei medici italiani da parte della Federazione nazionale degli Ordini dei medici, come Associazione Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica Estetica (Aicpe), vorremmo sottolineare che il richiamo al buonsenso per i medici è sicuramente un elemento positivo, da sempre uno dei capisaldi della nostra associazione. Sosteniamo da tempo che l’unica buona chirurgia estetica è quella fatta da medici di buonsenso su pazienti di buonsenso ricercando miglioramenti di buonsenso. È doverosa, tuttavia, una precisazione: nella bozza del nuovo articolo in questione non si parla di chirurgia plastica, ma di medicina estetica, che si occupa di trattamenti estetici non invasivi». AICPE. L’Associazione Italiana Chirurgia Plastica Estetica (, la prima in Italia dedicata esclusivamente all’aspetto estetico della chirurgia, è nata nel settembre 2011 con l’obiettivo di dare risposte concrete in termini di servizi, tutela, aggiornamento e rappresentanza. Ad Aicpe al momento hanno aderito oltre 200 chirurghi in tutta Italia, tra cui si annoverano professionisti di fama e docenti universitari.


In Italia l’intervento più praticato è la liposuzione, che ha soppiantato l’aumento di seno finito al quarto posto.
La chirurgia plastica sempre più in auge negli Stati Uniti. Negli Stati Uniti nel 2013 sono stati effettuati oltre 11 milioni di interventi di chirurgia e medicina estetica, per una spesa che supera i 12 miliardi di dollari, la cifra più rilevante dalla Grande Recessione del 2008. Di questi, 7 miliardi sono stati destinati a procedure chirurgiche e 5 miliardi a procedure non chirurgiche. È quanto emerge dai dati dell’American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Asaps) che ha presentato i risultati del sondaggio relativo all’anno da poco concluso. «Quello che arriva dal mercato americano è un segnale positivo e importante – afferma Pierfrancesco Cirillo, segretario dell’Associazione Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica Estetica (Aicpe), equivalente italiano dell’Asaps -. Nel 2011 e nel 2012 in Italia, secondo i dati raccolti da Aicpe tramite un sondaggio tra i chirurghi plastici italiano, abbiamo registrato un segno negativo per quanto riguarda gli interventi di chirurgia, mentre la medicina estetica è sempre risultata in crescita. Il 2013 è andato meglio dei due anni precedenti, anche se non ai livelli americani. Ad aumentare è soprattutto la medicina estetica, che ha costi più accessibili: la gente non rinuncia a curarsi e, pur di farlo, si orienta verso trattamenti meno costosi. Il settore però è maturo e, non appena la situazione economica generale sarà migliorata, crediamo che quello della chirurgia plastica sarà uno dei settori in più forte crescita». Insomma, come avviene negli Usa, la chirurgia plastica è un indicatore importante dell’economia del Paese.

In attesa dei dati ufficiali italiani, raccolti da Aicpe a partire dal 2011 e in elaborazione per quanto riguarda il 2013, i segnali che arrivano dagli USA sembrano dunque positivi: «Gli Stati Uniti sono il primo paese al mondo per interventi di chirurgia plastica ed è naturale che siano guardati con attenzione da tutto il mondo – afferma il segretario Aicpe -. Tra i motivi c’è senza dubbio la ripresa dell’economia, che spinge le persone a investire su stesse, sul proprio aspetto e, più in generale, sul benessere. Ci sono anche motivazioni più tecniche, che riguardano metodiche sempre più avanzate, in grado di dare risultati più performanti e naturali. Il ventaglio di proposte in campo estetico si va sempre più allargando, con tecniche mini invasive che attraggono sempre più persone». Per quanto riguarda gli interventi più praticati, al primo posto c’è la liposuzione (363.912 procedure, +16,3% rispetto all’anno precedente), al secondo posto l’aumento del seno, che perde il primato (313.327 operazioni, -5.2%); al terzo la blefaroplastica (161.389, +5.4%), “tallonata” da addominoplastica (160.077, +2.3%), mentre al quinto posto c’è la rinoplastica (147.966, +2.9%). «Anche in Italia, la liposuzione è risultato l’intervento più praticato nel 2012, secondo i dati Aicpe, soppiantando così l’aumento del seno che è “scivolato” addirittura al quarto posto, preceduto da blefaroplastica (ringiovanimento dello sguardo) e lipofilling, il trapianto di grasso» considera Cirillo.